Friday, May 27, 2011

these boots.

are made for walking.
i feel like a grown-up. and its freaking me out.
let me catch you up on the past couple of weeks.
i have begun training for a half marathon. i get up at 4:45 in the morning. i run from 3-6 miles four times a week. the goal is a savannah marathon in november. so far its been really great. i've been training with wonderful, Godly women who are encouraging and fun to be around. its the earliest i have gotten up in a while, but you know, i need to do it. and its kind of fun in a weird disciplinary kind of way.
sometimes i do have to ask myself "what would a marine do during this last mile? keep going!!!! I AM A MARINE!"
no, i'm not kidding. today i used my ipod, which was convenient and hilarious when i realized the 'workout jamz' playlist on stanley. stanley's my ipod, again not kidding. beyonce's 'all the single ladies' is fun to run to, but a little distracting when i began the choreography on mile three.
note to self.

another reason why i'm lookin all growd up is that i applied for an internship.
and got it. and its for an economic development team. i go to business meetings, i create mission statements, maps, and research aspects of the team. i have business clothes. i have slacks, and high heels.
i have shaken i don't know how many hands. i have my own work laptop.

it creeps me out too.

but i have learned one really cool thing through all of this.
i am extremely competent. like, holy moley, i can do this.....what?...
our verse from a middle school bible study i help lead is 2 cor. 2:5
"not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves but our sufficiency comes from God."
that competency i was talking about, all God.
i was laying in bed the other night, just thinking how well i have adapted in a position that i am completely unexperienced at.
and the reason is that God is my sufficiency. He has literally prepared me to be comfortably adapted to a real world job.
i have and will make mistakes, but all in all, i don't feel overwhelmed. i actually enjoy in an adult sort of way the gettin up at 4:30, running miles, then showering, getting ready for work, collecting a paycheck, and being respected by men and women who are much more experienced, mature, and knowledgable than me. my boots are made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do.
all credit goes to God, for i know that none of my adaptation to this working' girl's life would have been possible even two years ago.
thanks for bringing me to this place Lord. all the glory and my sufficiency goes to You.

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  1. Sweet! Praise the Lord for His preparing you before you even knew it! All things work together for good and each event over the last few years has led you to this job, all by the sovereign hand of God, which will continue to lead you and prepare you for the future. Proud of you sister!


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