Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hiatus and repurpose.

forgive me. i haven't been blogging much lately-mainly because i've been SUPER busy, but also, this became more of a burden than a fun thing. i will explain...
i found myself not wanting to do this blog-not because of anything in particular-but because it lacked purpose.
why. what is the purpose for this blog? what is the purpose?
i couldn't really put my finger on it. i did want to entertain people, and perhaps follow the whole blog scene just for fun.
whatever, we're all followers, i aint scurrred to admit it.
but intermittent spiritual blogs amongst unimportant rambling blogs were just dumb. especially when you're burdening yourself to 'blog' when you haven't in a while.
so, i'm repurposeing this blog to be what i intended it to be.
wonders among you.
the name comes from a verse being: josh 3:5 - Then Joshua said to the people, "consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you." and habakkuk 1:5 "look! wonder! be amazed! for I AM doing something in your days, you would not believe even if you were told."
those verses are about one thing only. God.
so that's what it's going back to. i will not blog when i don't want to, and when i do, my prayer is to make it glorifying to God and not to man. not to me.
"whatever you eat drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."
you can keep following, you can stop reading, but i also pray that this blog finds you a blessing and/or gets you praising God, and not a purposeless read about the perhaps, fun and interesting, yet ultimately meaningless life happenings of a girl.
i don't want to become a girl with Christ. i want to be Christ's girl.
ultimately to be used by God. period. HE needs to be on display and HE needs to be proclaimed. aimless thoughts aren't purposeful. in whatever word or deed, i want God to use it to bring Him glory and tell of His son.
that is all.
here we go.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

jairus-the cutest kid in the entire universe

why is it that the kids that are related to you are the cutest kids you have ever seen?
i remember when Jairus, my nephew was born. hands down, he was a beautiful baby, and if you know me, you would know that i think that newborns are generally weird looking. all smashed up and wrinkly like they just smelled the worst smell in their entire life. like benjamin button. eeeghh.

jairus talking^. sorry about the things his dad says. he's clearly frustrated with diddy kong and the super nintendo i found in my storage space. strike that, my mother's storage space. strike that.
i'm a hoarder.
not really. but i do clean my room out every episode i watch of it.

but, look at this kid.

he's adorable. rumbly tumbly even.
and he loves me like no one else. its true.
he pees on me more than anyone so i know its true.
here's my sister's update about him.
he weighs almost 15 pounds and turns 3 months on saturday-that's right. we grow them big around here!
have a great week!
by the way we are DONE with the exhibit!!! (well almost....) but expect a blog about that by friday wooo hoo!
be blessed

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