Wednesday, May 18, 2011

giving away my sister.

happy one year anniversary to the bestest sister i've ever had. and the bestest brother-in-law in the entire world.
i had the thought today, babysitting jairus and hanging out with my sister....i'll never just have my sister again. never going to be just the two of us.
yeah, you're probably thinking, "duh, dummy, you didn't figure that out when she got engaged?"
yeah i did....and don't call me just hasn't hit me until now.

november 2009 i took these.
a young couple in love, on a mission to save the world. 

or at least try to.

they met at college. he from new york, she from florida. God crossed their paths and gave His "okay" nod to that friendship.

they talked, they listened, they loved, until God gave another lil nod, and Jordan popped the question.

a wedding, documenting perhaps the best days of our entire lives, a week of adventure, bonding and above all else, fellowship with one another. as christians in a huge bridal party who love each other, and accept each other, and come together to give witness to the most beautiful wedding i have ever seen.
and i'm not just saying that because she's my sister.
it was a fun, holy, beautiful wedding.

off they traveled to colorado. and montana. and idaho.
and a few months down the road, this happened.
which usually yields a little nugget showing up in our front porch. it was a stork, they say.
jairus. which means God enlightens. and if i do say so myself, God has truly enlightened this couple for His glory, and other's edification.

my sister has always been a blessing to me, but not only me, others around me. i used to get identified by being sara's sister. "oh i love sara! she's amazing!" they would say. all of them
it got old after a while.
then i began bragging about it.
like "hey you know sara, thats my sister."
[still same reaction from them]
"yeah she is. she's great."
so here's to your new life and family, sara. though selfishly i wish we could go back to the high school, horseback riding, camping out, and dancing in the rain days with just the two of us, i know you and jordan and little pringle-lip jairus have it good. and because of that, it's all worth it. and i think i'm okay with that.


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  2. Sweet. Love the pictures Natalie. It's encouraging to read this and gives me hope for this upcoming generation of girls.

  3. I think sara is sooo great and I tell people that . I also say, "do you know Natalie Ray?? She is awesome! Love her!" Two amazing women in my book! AND Nay Ray just put the beating on 5 miles this am.....just sayin. :O) Great blog.


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