Sunday, July 17, 2011

home office.

my home office needed some little love
and what i mean by my home office, i mean this.

my printer nook and important papers basket, and a trashcan. don't judge me, i'm a college kid.
you see, i had this awesomely precious chair from my grandmothers that was falling apart, and since it held my printer, it needed a little bit of a fixing.

luckily my sister opened me up to the possibility of weaving a new chair seat, made of fabric.
and it turned out GREAT!
i made this the other night while watching jane eyre.

1. that is the weirdest movie i have ever seen.
2. that was a fun project, i'd totally do it again.
3. it was FREE!
you can see the remnants of the sheets. and the long second toe. i figured it's about time you knew about it.

which is the best thing about all of it. My roomate didn't want her queen sized aqua/bluish sheets, and i didn't want to spend any money on this project.
sure it got a little bit messy, and it really did take longer than i thought it would.

but in the end, it fits right in with my room.

simple and cute.

well hello there chair.
home office do-over.
well maybe home office chair do-over.
and it's sturdy!

step one: cut sheet or other fabric into LONG pieces.
step two: tie around tightly over and over again one way. scrunch together and put knots on the bottom side.
step three: beginning from the back, weave in and out perpendicular to the other pieces of fabric.
step four: put those knots on the bottom as well.
step five: cut off remainder, making sure not to cut too short. add for a little of future stretching.
step six: be awesome.
step seven: give your self a pat on the back. you just weaved a chair seat! cool huh?

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