Sunday, July 31, 2011

the girl and the magic piano.

A blonde headed 6-year-old is wearing braided pig-tails, a blue, flowered, nightgown-type dress, and no shoes while she gazes intently and in awe at the piano playing itself in the coffee shop (one of those ones run by a CD, but the keys move still). Not knowing any of the words, she begins to dance joyfully as if no one else is in the room. With a huge smile on her face, twirling about and making her dress flow, she suddenly finds her self in the way of the wind being produced by the oversized fan in the corner of the store. She stops abruptly in front of it, slows her motion, closes her eyes, and smiles sweetly. She is feeling the wind catching and petting her face for the next 7 seconds. There is no sin, no sadness no regrets, no attitude at all in her smile. Simply taking in the feeling of the wind. She catches me watching her out of the corner of her eye, smiles and waves, then goes back to dancing around like a little fairy to the music of the piano. I think "hey i need to write this down" and begin to relate the story that just unfolded before me to how Heaven might be one day. Will we dance before the Lord like David did? I sure hope so. There will be no sadness, no sin, no burden, no caring about how other people look or stare, just white-as-snow purity and joy as we spend time in the presence of our Creator God. Will I be in awe as i stand transfixed upon my God? Will i just be overjoyed to the point of uncontrollable twirling? Or will I simply, stop, shut my eyes, and feel the presence of God radiate throughout me? And enjoy it all.
After her mom picks her up to take a closer look at the keys of the "magic" instrument, she reaches out and touches it softly. Still in confusion over its magnificence she discreetly asks, "how does it do that?" A piano that plays itself is ludicrous in the mind of a child. She's not thinking of the mechanics behind it, or the fact that it runs on CD's. She is in complete awe and takes it for what it is. Something beyond her understanding.
Child-like faith. In heaven we won't have to have faith. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. But we WILL SEE HIM!!! We'll be done with waiting on the Lord's timing in tough circumstances, believing when others, or mainly ourselves, tell us we can't. No longer will we have to ask, "how does HE do that?" or more prevalent, "WHAT is He doing?" or "why?"

The girl in the blue dress is gone from the coffee shop now, taking nothing with her except a memory of pure, undefiled enjoyment dancing in the presence of the piano that magically plays itself. Although I deeply considered the blessing she was to me tonight there is a characteristic about this happening that does not match up with our, meaning all Christ-followers, eventual conclusion. Leaving this shop, she will grow up, learn the mechanics behind the magic piano, and lose her faith in its ability to play by itself. What a blessing it is to know that once we enter into the Heavenly presence of our Father we will ETERNALLY dance, ETERNALLY wonder, ETERNALLY stare in AWE and the GLORY of the Almighty God, and be ETERNALLY joyful! All there is left to say is, "come quickly Lord Jesus" and give us Your eternity.

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