Saturday, April 23, 2011


okay okay,
so i've gone into professional mode with the shell collecting. but this time, i have a super cool reason to blog about it.
last week, at the beach, i found my very first sharks tooth, ever, in my entire life, like ever!
and a sand dollar.
how many times do you fine a whole sand dollar?
they're something special. please don't be jealous. if it makes you feel better, you can come over and hold it anytime you like. unless i don't know you, then that would be creepy.
did you know that sand dollars are really blackish/greenish? and not white? its true, look it up on wikipedia. they get white b/c of the sun.
every professor would fail me if i told them to do that, "we turn our noses up at wikipedia"
the truth is they love it. they use it. i know they do. they have to.
but last saturday i had some kinda day.  i don't take bad days well, and its hard for me to recover from them easily. needless to say, i needed some serious encouragement.
anxiety was at a low rating, but still there. i'm learning to deal, and it gets better each time it creeps up.
i remember thinking to myself, i could really use someone just sending me a sweet note. i haven't gotten one of those in a while, and i miss my notes i used to get from my favorite friend-asian, Shion when we lived in college together.
this one reads-morning orange is food for your health and makes you MORE beautiful. love you! enjoy your orange.
oh i just love that asian.
well anyways, back to sunday, lo and behold. God just done and did that. sunday-He spoke through shells. He gave me a "morning orange" message through shells. something totally simple, yet appreciated.
i know, it sounds corny, but i prayed that i could find some good ones, its therapeutic for me to shell hunt, and i hadn't found any on my first walk down the beach. i went for 45 minutes, nothing of great consequence.
i tried again, finding not only a sand dollar and sharks tooth, but other beauties as well. they were eeeeuuugggeee. ('huge'-the way we all say it).
one of my friends even commented on all the precious loot i was getting. i really could only point to God. He knew i needed those shells at that moment. i had truly a bad day the day before, and God reached down and gave me a little note of encouragement, a little "morning orange" message, like a "hey kid-you're doing the right thing. relax. its all over."
i got home today to a real life letter, from a woman who i hold dear to my heart.
i could only praise the Lord for such a timely letter. she didn't have to write me back, she didn't have to say the nice things she did. but she did. and God brought it when i needed it most.
thanks, Jesus. 
and happy easter everybody.
coincidence? i don't think so guys.

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