Thursday, April 14, 2011

good morning.

every morning my roomate jen and i have a routine. i wake up. open the shades and praise God for the beautiful weather we've been having go and get breakfast from the kitchen. granola and peanut butter and soymilk.
i begin to get ready for school. jen wakes up and finds me in my room sitting on the vanity, doing my make-up, hair or something with my outer appearance.
jen tells me i don't need it and that i'm beautiful. thanks jen.

i've come to expect that every morning.
"natalie, you don't need it. you're beautiful!"
"uhhh! thanks jen! you're the best!"
(usually followed by her doing her own make up and me finishing up mine. hahaha.)
we finish getting ready and jen tells me every now and again
"its a starbucks morning natalie"
"really!?!!?!?!"  i get excited
she buys me starbucks every now and again. sometimes we see this pretty lady, our friend jackie.
she is a great person, that jackie. it was a blessing to see her the other morning. especially since we documented "jen and natalie mornings."
she's a precious little lamb, that jackie.
 cheese it with your starbucks!
off to class we go. though we can't forget to mention our jam sessions. its the only thing, after a shot of espresso, that wakes us up and makes us get to class with a good attitude.
this morning i think it was taylor swift, britney, and of course a little celine dion. she's the woman.
work it girls.
 fierce. tyra would be proud.
another tradition recently developed is pizza night. in case you didn't know, jen is an expert pizza shaper.
 i make the crust, from scratch of course, using my favorite kitchen appliance, the good ol' kitchen aid.
 we make the crust marinade. basil basil basil, garlic garlic garlic, salt, pepper, and a little of what i like to call italiano influence.

jen assembles it and puts her in the oven.
i am a blessed soul. lately i have been feeling like i don't give thanks enough for the things i do have, things we take for granted like food. or starbucks. or roomies who tell  you you really don't need make-up.
i go about everyday with much of the same routine. can i survive with out it or am i really dependent upon it? i don't want to get too comfortable in routine, in material prosperity, or anything else.
i want to be completely dependent upon God for everything. and to see miraculous wonders that He does. not that He doesn't do them, but that i will see them.
that i will open my eyes to the possibility that God will perform miracles if i am aware and listening and looking. i want to earnestly wait on God to blow my mind with the life and the people in my life that he has for me.
Habakkuk 1:5- look at the nations and watch--and be utterly amazed. I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.
get ready.

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  1. I am so thankful for this little post!! Thanks for your update of your daily routine... I miss it! Much! Miss y'all! :) ps, your garden is rockin'!!!


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