Monday, March 7, 2011

Joshua 3:5

Then Joshua said to the people, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you." 

It is so hard for me to believe this.
no, not that this all happened between joshua and the promised land, but that God always does wonders among His people, if we're ready, willing, and searching for Him. what does that even look like? what would happen if we completely let go of every hindrance and expected God do wonders among us?
today was a beautiful day where i live. there are specific times during the year when i stop and look up, around, and about me. today was one of those days. i read american political ideas of the 1780s and sat next to the college library just allowing the sun penetrate my skin and the cool air come about me, as i was alone, content and relaxed on the steps. every so often someone would come by me, make eye contact, or pretend not to. i don't mind.
there are too many kids these days walking around with ear buds in, shut off from the sounds of nature. they don't hear the wind rustling between the trees. they don't hear the sound of their feet on the pavement. they don't notice the souls walking by them, time after time.
i notice these things. i find the flowers that others don't notice, the patches of blooming trees recently planted that bear the names of those who nurse them. i refuse to listen to music, when i have the music of God given nature given to me every single day.
perhaps the wonders like josh 3:5 are already among me. God has already fulfilled the promise of his creation speaking of Him. that is a wonder in itself. maybe i need to stop wishing for more than what i have, a wonder that i think i need right now, a discontentment in my life and focus on the wonders that are displayed before me every single day at every single moment. truly stop. and. be. in. the. moment.
and pray.
my friend just recently had her baby. they named her sarah, due to their hardships in trying to conceive. she is here, arrived in this world. she is perfect. she has all fingers and toes. she is loved beyond any comprehension by her parents who have only known her for two days. they will bring her home, and she will depend upon them for every little thing.  she will cry, laugh, sleep, and be smothered in kisses and photos. it will be a time of tired joy, but joy nonetheless.
my prayer for this blog is that it will inspire you and i to notice the wonders among us. in a walk under the sun, the works of political fathers, or the birth of a babe. open your eyes, world. open your eyes and find a wondrous spirit within you. try God. see if he will show you something wonderful, wondrous.

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