Tuesday, March 15, 2011


thought healthfulness was an appropriate topic for today's blog as i am feeling energized from a 4.5 mile jog yesterday and our family garden has blossmed into a legit machine. my college life has been surprisingly healthier than how it used to be. i eat better, exercise often, play lacrosse, and make myself busier so i don't have too much down time.
well as i was making the 'healthy decision' to have a lazy night and lay in my bed and watch half a season of --Alias--, i decided to make a healthy and fun snack: granola, or granoley as i refer to it. go ahead and try saying it out loud, preferably like a five year old boy. granoley.
fun right?
a little this
a little that
pop it in the oven
and you have a healthy snack.
don't forget the Emeril "BAM" of cinnamon. yelled out loud of course.
as for another healthy decision:
my friend/employer/soul sista judy and i have begun a garden at her house after watching food, inc. a disturbingly real account of the food industry. at the end of the movie is a challenge for every american to begin their own home garden.
we took it literally. went out and bought soil, fertilizer, and seeds.
our plants were growing! we felt like tom hanks when he made fire and yelled it out to the world.

 "i! have made plant life!"- our neighbors didn't feel as excited as we were, maybe because our midnight games of capture the flag and "burn everything we have" bon fires.
then the winter came.
everything died. except for these lettuces (plural? lettuci?):

she hung on.
oh yeah and two pumpkin plants that came back.
so we started again. tomatoes basil, cilantro, cabbage, lettuce, peas, watermelon, strawberries, and miracle grow.
we are determined. we put the kids to work, and our little seeds have grown!
basil. how precious.
check it out! we have watermelon growing!
anyways, needless to say, we're excited. its almost like having your first child grow up minus the diapers and rebellious teenage stage. we have made plant life.

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