Saturday, June 11, 2011


is the name of this newlywed.

what in the hee-haw is an ochiltree?
so glad you asked. 
  • Ochiltree, spelt Uchletree in the Middle Ages, is a village in East Ayrshire, Scotland near Auchinleck and Cumnock. It is one of the oldest villages in East Ayrshire with archaeological remains indicating Stone Age and Bronze Age settlers.
thanks wikipedia. you never disappoint.  
ok so i may not ever actually refer to the newly weds as an old village in East Ayrshire, but i most certainly will call them the ochiltrees.
they're precious. and this is their wedding.
i love pensacola weddings. not because they are always, but because its always a reunion when they happen.
everybody in pensacola knows everybody else. and this wedding was a coming together of not only two lovely people, but the coming together of a large group of friends who love each other dearly.
how presh.
this wedding was a blast. when the final vows were done and the pastor said, "tony, you may now kiss the bride" the groom practically jumped out of his shoes and planted a big one on her.
then they raced out of there like two banchees.
they didn't even stop for a formal "announcement of the couple."
a little too excited to get to the honeymoon suite, hey ochiltrees?
then you have these two jokesters.
they're jokesters ill tell ya.
 i mean who would make a funny face like that at a wedding?
oh yeah. i totally would.

after the long walk down the aisle the bridesmaids are a little hungry!

well hello there pretty ladies.

yeah we got our dance on.

and all in all it was a good, good, night.

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