Sunday, May 1, 2011

play it again, sam.

i like having time to myself. perhaps sometimes a little too much. but finals are finally over and there's not much to do, and sometimes you just gotta relax. tonight was casablanca night with myself, and i've got to say, i'm a great date.
"play it again, sam" rick says to sam, his spunky 1940s night club piano player speaking of the sad but bittersweet love song of his long lost love.
and of course you can't forget "i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," line closing out the movie.
i shed a tear everytime.
not really, i don't cry at movies.
but if you do, i won't judge you if you're into that sort of thing. i'm an advocate.
oh and the hot bowl of homemade chicken coconut curry that is to die for. i may be addicted to it, but i'm okay with that. it made an appearance. along with its lingering smell that the roomies hate, but i secretly pretend im in sri lanka every time i walk into my apartment. you're welcome're welcome.

last night, i saw her in concert. she's great. her name is brooke fraser. breathtaking voice, and great band. they didn't even need a bass player and they still rocked the house. and my socks.

it was fun. she was great. the night was superb. thanks for the awesome life, God.  
after brooke and the band went back stage, i stealthy made it back stage, grabbed a doughnut off of the cast/crew food table, found brooke and told her, "play it again, brooke," just like humphrey bogart in casablanca. i shot up two gun-shaped pointer fingers while offering her another go at the stage. her rather large and quite muscular personal body guard picked me up with one hand (the other taking the half-eaten doughnut out of my hand), and placed me on the other side of the barricades where i was supposed to be. he obviously hasn't seen casablanca.
just kidding, none of that happened. though i have always wanted to be apart of the cast/crew snack sessions on movie sets. they just look better than real food. i've always been jealous, its a weird quirk i always think about. that would be the reason for me ever becoming famous. "forget my lines! gimmie a club sandwich!"
ohhhhh gosh, never mind.
be prepared for the next coming weeks. i have in store, maybe some downtown sessions and relaxing and basking in the fulfilled life. Jesus is good. ill keep you posted on how He lavishes his love over-abundantly on me. hope you're week is going great. 

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