Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 things to cure summer boredom.

1. go here to this blogger. 
its DIY fantast.
unless you hate diy projects.

2. always shorten words whenever possible (see #1). and put y's or ies on the end of everything
but don't make it a habit.
that's bad for interviews and meeties with your future inlaws.

3. have a baby. or make someone else have one.
its worth it. 

4. beach it up and become a shell collector. 
even if you look like a tourist doing it. 
but don't take the ones with the crabs still in them. that's animal abuse, and i do not approve.

5. celebrate a first year anniversary.
even if its not your own.

6. watch all 6 seasons of alias, and pretend that you don't have a ninja-type beat-down plan for any intruder that jumps out of the bushes when you are walking to your car.
i carry my car key like a dagger. try me. 

7. create a listy list of top ten things to do when you're bored during summer on your blog.

8. blog.

9. read a book for fun, rather than for work. 
i know. mom said that this would happen.

10. comment and let me know what book i should read for fun.
enjoy the summer. its finally here!

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