Sunday, April 10, 2011

garden update.

remember our dear garden a month ago? well she's a growin!

lettuce then...
 Green beans then....

 i know, right! they're awesome!
its like a jungle underneath them. i feel like fern gully.
oh, batty.

suga snap peas then.....
 my favorite part about these peas is that they wrap themselves around our stakes, like interlocking fingers. 
it just warms my little heart.
 a "roots' eye" view of the suga peas.

watermelon then...
(ok so those could use a little more help)
but what i've noticed about watermelon is that those little plants are rebellious. they do what they want. for instance, during a really hard rain one day all the seeds were washed away...or so i thought..
we have watermelon on the outside of our garden. thanks watermelon.
im going to leave you there, you can have that sand and forfeit the nice soil we made for you.... jerk.

cabbage then...
 strawberries then...
and them is good!
the first (failed) attempt of our garden not only was because of just not knowing what we were doing, but we had a pest problem. something was digging in our garden. we got on google, tried to find a low cost pest deterrent and came across coffee grounds.
it's not the prettiest thing in the world but it actually works! just sprinkled around the plants and there go the squirrels, or moles, or whatever was eating those roots.
and the best part is that we get them from starbucks for free! there's a tub outside of sbux that is full of grounds for gardeners to use in their garden. its a way to get sbux to pay me back for all those drinks i've purchased over the years. mwhahahaha.
finally, stuck it to the starbucks man...lady...nevermind...
don't forget the cilantro-he's the best.
very impressive, cilantro!
ill keep you posted! there should be a delicious dinner coming soon! 

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